Quality management

Quality under permanent perfectioning 

As we are a quality oriented organization, not only development and innovation are included in our mission, but also continuously renewing quality assurance, since quality cannot be static if the target is excellence. 

What features characterise our system of quality assurance?

  1. Full process management

    It does make a difference whether the system of quality assurance covers only certain partial processes or the whole product cycle with all its moves.
    Kresz & Fiedler operates full scale quality control extending to all partial processes, the positive effects of which could be experienced by hundreds of customers in past years. 
  2. Optimised production processes

    The core of optimisation is the quick, effective and faultless flow of materials. This includes detecting and minimising losses inherent in the process and exploiting resources to the fullest possible extent. When optimising, the prime concern is the interest of the customer, which cannot be hurt.
  3. Real time traceability

    Thanks to the complex system of corporate governance and full process management, any event can be identified, tracked, controlled and later traced back at any time.



  • ISO/TS 16949:2009 
  • MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009        
  • MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005  

Regisztrációs száma: T305
Regisztrációs száma: E984
Regisztrációs száma: 20185




The scope of our certificate:
Plastics processing, toolmaking and product assembly.
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