7 reasons why our customers choose us


            1.    The creative force of common work

It is highly important to us that customers take an active part in product development instead of being simple observers of this process. Our customers are involved in the process of development, which shortens the time necessary for producing value and accelerates finding a solution to a problem. Thus implementation is facilitated by the creative force of common work.

            2.    Flexible cooperation

What is a problem for our customer is a challenge for us. When performing the tasks assigned to us, we primarily look for solutions which best fit the needs of our customers like short deadlines, good value for money and efficient service. That is why our customers can rely on us regardless of how big volume they have in mind.

            3.    Innovation: the dynamo of creative development

Innovation is something more than new technology. It is rather a tradition which permanently makes us keep our customers’ interest in mind in the course of development and support our customers by a smoother course of business. In this way our customers may get a competitive advantage and new market opportunities.

            4.    Knowledge-intensive production

Applicable up-to-date knowledge ensures a solid advantage on the market. Utilizing our twenty years of experience together with applying modern technology represents great value. Corporate knowledge enables us to monitor the route of the products from their conception in our minds to the birth of the end-products by a process control of high quality.

            5.    New dimension of quality

Implementation of a high quality is not only a possibility for us, but rather a desperate strategy manifested in dimensional accuracy, the optimization of production processes and proactive approach.

            6.    Predictable logistics

Appropriate logistics is the extended arm of manufacturing. Real-time process optimisation has been implemented at our company by the construction of our modern distribution warehouse and the introduction of an integrated corporate governance system. All this means warehouse swiftness, precise delivery, tracking and precisely kept delivery deadlines for our customers.

             7.    Quality assurance: ever improving quality

We regard quality assurance as something more than compliance with requirements. The quality-oriented approach of our corporate governance ensures development, permanent perfecting and progress in addition to the continuous prevalence of superb quality.


Main activities of the company

·        Injection moulding, non-series plastic injection moulding

·        Toolmaking

·        Product assembling

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