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Injection moulding: idea cast in a mould

Injection moulding is more than mere contractors’ work. Injection moulding is a kind of creative work in the course of which an idea is transformed into a tangible, applicable solution. This process includes designing based on the customer’s ideas, modelling and complex implementation, be it an end product of a small series or of a large volume. 

Since in the course of non-series plastic injection moulding based on dimensional accuracy several opportunities for defect may emerge, quality moulding requires utmost technological and professional preparedness, which is ensured by corporate knowledge and a complex corporate governance system at Kresz & Fiedler. 

Wittman Battenfeld and Engel machines are used supplemented with Wittman peripheries.
Their main features are as follows:

Injection pressure: 2149  bar/cm2
Injection volume: 653 cm3-ig
Clamping force: 230-2700 KN
Clam plate size: 750x750 mm-ig
Mould height: 900 mm-ig
Average control system:
Unilog B4,B6 CC200 és CC300

Toolmaking: own manufacturing guaranteed quality

As every injection moulded product requires a special, unique tool, it matters a lot how efficiently toolmaking is carried out and by whom. Customers rightfully expect optimised manufacturing, in other words the exclusion of defect possibilities and the best possible value for the user.

A unique advantage of Kresz & Fiedler is that the tools necessary for injection moulding are designed and manufactured locally. This can guarantee that the features of the products meet the expectations of the customers and unnecessary extra costs can also be avoided.

Two essential factors in the course of toolmaking:

            1.    Material and energy saving production

The amount of materials used and the length of time required for toolmaking are essential. The efficiency of the manufacturing process ensures more and more out of less and less for the satisfaction of the customer.

            2.    Proactive approach

Proactive approach is a prime concern for the management as it enhances the effectiveness of manufacturing. All production processes are preceded by thorough and all-embracing designing, in this way due to knowledge-intensive production the management can avoid losses and diminish defect possibilities even before the commencement of manufacturing.

Applied designing and manufacturing technologies:

●     CAD/CAM based technology

Production tools in the toolmaking workshop:

Milling machine Deckel FP4 A NC  Control Grundig Dialog 2 X  480,  Y 400,  Z 400 mm
MCV Machining centre Haidenhain TNC X  407,  Y 500,  Z 500 mm
MCV Machining centre EML 850  Control NCT104 X 850, Y 510, Z 560 mm
Plunge erosion machine RFE with Digital display X  300,  Y 300,  Z 110 m
Moldmaster plunge erosion machine Control CNC X  400,  Y 300,  Z 200 mm
Fanuc wire erosion machine Control Fanuc CNC X  320,  Y 250,  Z 180 mm
Lathe átm. 220 x  750 mm
Stand-mounted drilling machine MK4 Z 250
Cylindrical grinder átm. 150 x 500 mm
Flat grinding machine X 750, Y 300, Z 300 mm


Product assembly

The service of assembling products was brought to life by customers’ demand; in this way our customers can be provided with a complex solution. A well trained, knowledgeable staff, highly developed equipment and an integrated corporate governance system can render all this feasible.

The large-scale premises development which started in 2012 made product assembly really competitive. The development of the manufacturing hall together with the warehouse which can meet the challenges of the 21 century can fulfil both customer centred and quality oriented expectations.

Logistics: when products reach their destination in time

The logistics of the company has been dynamically developing in recent years thanks to the cutting edge premises built with unique, 21-century workmanship. Reliable and predictable logistics is ensured by our own means of transport and staff.

Our complex corporate governance system introduced recently ensures the management of the full process.

What does it actually mean?

●     The particular processes form a whole in the central system, thus becoming more easily manageable. This results in faster service and smoother administration.

●     From establishing contact to delivering goods everything is done via an automated web based system, which improves the efficiency of business operation and diminishes defect possibilities.

●     Real time full scale product tracking ensures transparency and facilitates control.


Who do we offer our services to?

-        automobile spare parts manufacturing

-        electronics

-        advertising industry

-        packaging technology

-        medical technology

-        transport technology

-        medical appliances and equipment

-        pharmaceutical industry

-        energetics

-        sport and recreation pursuits

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