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Quality production is associated with professional responsibility at our 30-year-old enterprise.
As a 100% Hungarian-owned company, we have successfully expanded our plastic injection molding profile with tool design and fabrication and assembly to a complex, quality-controlled system.
For us, innovation is not an occasional action, but a way of serving customer needs, which is why our company is able to serve small-batch orders, but with its flexible production organization and high level of automation, we are involved in long-term mass production.
Our products are used in precision engineering, automotive industry, diagnostic equipment, sports and leisure equipment production.
Our quality assurance system throughout the production process guarantees the quality required by our customers through Industry 4.0 applications.

We use CAD / CAM technology for tool-making to produce injection molding, die-casting, vacuum and deep drawing tools with reliable dimensional accuracy.
As a result of our developments, HSC milling is in operation, which means that working on hardened tool blades or inserts economically and with milling has been a multi-year practice at the factory.
Our Maintenance Fast Track system ensures that any tool failures at the plastics factory can be repaired almost immediately, ensuring on-time production and delivery.
Kresz Kft. has always been successful in producing complex quality parts with guaranteed dimensional accuracy and with quality assurance, thanks to its own-designed tooling and automated production.

Even though we can be proud of a significant increase in staff members and became a business of nearly 100 people, the family atmosphere that has existed since its inception has not disappeared. Our staff and management look at each other as a team, respect for each other, adherence to professional standards and continuous training are part of our corporate culture because development is our common goal.

Prizes, rewards

South Transdanubian Quality Award -2002

Businessperson of the Year Award, Owner / Managing Director, Erika Kresz – 2009

Baranya County Innovation Award – 2010