Business of the year, Business person of the year

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Business of the year, Business person of the year

10 years went by so fast like a moment, although this period brought great development, exciting changes. Like this, 30 years anniversary that time we also stopped for a moment and looked back to evaluate the work which has been done. Mold making and assembly department, new machines, quality assurance, export activity, automotive supplies, organizational development, market growth. Challenges, contests, a lot of learning and all of these, one step in front of the competitors. If we did not feel that it was worth doing this, we would not be here. However, confirmation and recognition of professional and business communities is a very good thing. By that time Kresz&Fiedler was a well-known company in the county, not only in the plastic industry but also in mechanical engineering. Business growth was noticed not only in Pécsvárad.

Our owner and CEO, Mrs Erika Kresz was merited as business person of the year first time in 2000 by the Pécs-Baranya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in our 10th anniversary.

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