Complex parts, complex service

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Complex parts, complex service

All entrepreneur remembers with pleasure to the first order, in which she/he saw the future. For us it was the purchase order from Bosch in 1996. The Hungarian agency was established then and they looked for plastic part supplier who has ISO certification. That time there were less than 100 Hungarian companies who had quality assurance, thus we got into foreground. Soon we were successfully audited.

We switched our production from household products to industrial parts and we understood what future we would have. Hard work was required to meet the requirements, because the production of alarm, smoke alarm and emergency call systems was made in small production series with high labour demand. The purchase orders for BOSCH group meant challenge also because it was the first time when mold making-injection molding and part assembly were needed. These 3 types of services are now in even higher level. This time we realized that offering complex solution is a great advantage and means a lot to our customers that they receive the same reliable quality at all production stage.

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