Creation together – i.e. what co-creation mean

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Creation together – i.e. what co-creation mean

The method is that the customer gives us the drawing and we produce the injection mold and the plastic part. Another way is when the customer gives the injection mold and we produce the part.

After Rati Ltd. the method is different. They were the first customer in 2005 with whom we planned together the final appearance of the imagined part. This would be the co-creation, thus creation together. The first armrest development was tuned by finalizing the injection mold here according to the drawings and we revised together the necessary process to produce high quality product.

We remember this co-operation with nostalgia, because we did all that we could for the success from 3D planning, through mold making, till assembly and delivery.     

This was the first task which requires full value chain, what was followed by many other of course with Rati too. 

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