We would like to assure you that within this uncertain situation, our most important priority is to serve your needs. We launched increased safety measures to maintain healthy and reliable work environment. We keep the latest safety rules. We inform our colleagues about the increased hygienic measures what are strictly kept by our managers and colleagues too. We increased the frequency of cleaning and sterilization, especially production and social areas. We launched increased safety measures in the warehouse. We discuss with our partners via telephone and e-mail. We have put hand sanitizers in many areas of the company.
We serve your needs with unchanged capacity on high level of standards. If you have problem with your supplier, you can turn to us, we try to help.

Thank you very much for your support and trust.

Yours sincerely,  Erika Kresz  CEO

30 years, 30 weeks, 30 stories

From the beginning of May the 30-year-old Kresz & Fiedler Ltd. would like to thank you for the colleagues and partners to enable this nice history with calling back some memories week by week.

A new Arburg injection molding machine arrived!

A new Arburg injection molding machine arrived!

Within the frame of EU subsidy, a new 60 tons Arburg injection molding machine arrived into our factory A which was installed on 2 November.  The machine type is: Arburg Allrounder 370 E 600-170 Golden Electric. The main characteristics of the machine: The machine is equipped by D30 mm cylinder modulThe machine has integrated robot, thus the robot can be programmed from the machine control unit.The robot is prepared for automation tasks e.g. handling packing units.The machine control is integrated heated runner with 12 heating cycles, 2kW per cycle heating performance.The cooling water cycles are assembled onto the standing and moving mold plates too in order to assemble the molds with shorter tubes to make the job of our shift leaders easier. The advantages of the machine: Simultaneous movements (injection, dosing, mold opening and closing) result in short cyclesHighest reproducibility and part quality thanks to direct acting spindle gears50%- less electricity requirement compares to hydraulic machines.Low emission thanks to liquid cooled servo motors. The machine was planned to receipt at ARBURG factory. Since it was cancelled, we will get training instead. We will produce red and black buttons, plastic parts for temperature controllers, and smaller white and grey dental parts with this machine.

We are constantly looking for new solutions so that we can serve the needs of our customers as creatively as possible. Our engineering team helps the production with self-developed tools and assembly machines. 

We are aware of the environmental burden of improper use and disposal of a plastic product, but plastic is now an inseparable and often useful part of our lives. In all areas of our work, we strive to reduce our environmental impact and think responsibly about plastics.

Regardless of whether it is a small-scale or possibly years-long quantitative production, the only acceptable option for us is quality production. We work every day to maintain quality, and continuous improvement is part of our standards.

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