..I would rather produce Bedinfeld for a week!

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..I would rather produce Bedinfeld for a week!

There are people who are afraid of travel, unknown things and would rather stay in the usual environment. One of our colleagues felt the same when she got into the bus to Germany as the last person in 2006. A part of this story is that there are complex parts the production of which is tiring and requires attention. The production of Bedinfeld was such complex.

Later she would not change with the others who stayed at home with Bedinfeld. We visited Mr. Fiedler and his factory. Two colleagues from the tool shop could remember with nostalgia in this tool shop from where they brought know how home. We could see a full automatised factory with automatized raw material dosage, checking and packing and programmed production. They could see their future. Besides professional programmes we visited Ulm, Freiburg, Salzburg. Since colleagues came from all departments and shifts the one-week long excursion had a long-term influence on the whole company.

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