In global competition

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In global competition

We did not think that from Pécsvárad we could be participant of the global economic competition.

There was a period at the beginning of the second millennia when our production was booming for a certain brand. We produced more than 60 different parts and it requires remarkable assembly work. Everything was fine but our company decided to relocate the production to the Far-East. We lost these purchase orders.

We insisted on our prices and service. Meanwhile, we tried to improve our quality indices, because we believed that proper work conditions and competitive wage level is necessary for quality work. Useless price competition would ruin this.

Time proved that we made good decision. As a result of industry law uncertainties, and the rise in wage levels of Far-East, production was moved back to Europe. We have already proved to our customer so we have been working to them again. The competition is global indeed, but we keep on believing in the power of local values. 

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