in memoriam Bernd Fiedler

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in memoriam Bernd Fiedler

We started together. He was our partner, friend and mentor. He gave, when he could give. He helped, when he could help. And he was always kind. He became a little bit Hungarian. When the first CNC machines and David from the 6 week-long training arrived, we knew that we received a family friend and a generous, reliable business partner too.

He shared his knowledge with pleasure, his open-minded attitude was an ideal for us.

We could always count on him. He was always with us, even if we held our own. We spent 30 years together in good and bad times. We miss his kindness, smile, ping-pong stories, mentality. But when he walks around the factory in Haven, he can see that his heritage lives in us and will never dies.

Bernd Fiedler was a good man. Our partner, master and good friend.

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