Installation of complex centralised material feeding and drying system

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Installation of complex centralised material feeding and drying system

Within the frame of EU subsidy, the installation of centralised material feeding and drying system is ongoing in our factory A. Our aim is to reduce dust and later implement cleanroom circumstances and to make our shift leaders’ work easier.

During decision making we investigated 3 main criteria: cost efficiency, reliability and quality. The selected equipment meets all the three criteria: we would like to extend our Motan machine park with Motan Luxor A600 E centralised material feed and drying system. We have several years of user experience on the product, and its usage is very cost efficient thanks to ETA plus technology. The reliability and operation security of the equipment result less production stops. The supplier (Luger) has Hungarian service network and spare part warehouse, thus there are no language barriers during installation and training. 

With the help of energy efficient ETA-plus technology the temperature setting and heat recovery is done by an air amount controller, which automatically takes into consideration the temperature changes during material flow and inflow. The Motan drying systems are very efficient and requires little maintenance. They are equipped by two drying cartridges and automatic regeneration for continuous operation. Dew point can be set, low (-40°C) can be reached. The monitoring of the set dew point is continuous. The re-cooling of molecular filter is done in a closed system with dry air.

The equipment can control and supervise apart from dry air control the following in (CAN-BUS-system):

-16 drying bins and 16 loaders

-16 empty suction valves

-24 loaders feeding the processing machines

-3 vacuum pumps

-5.7” colour graphic display with touch screen

The generated amount of dry air is 600m3/h

The „brain” of the conveying system is LUXORnet control. All parameters can be set via touch screen. All the important operation data is recorded and stored in a computer via Ethernet connection. It is documented according to ISO 9001 requirement.

The test operation will be in two weeks’ time.

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