K&F own newspaper (called Hírtadó)

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K&F own newspaper (called Hírtadó)

We feel initiated if we discuss our mutual things and what happened within the company. This was the aim of our company newspaper which was published quarterly. This sophisticated, colourful newspaper was edited by our colleagues. The articles were written and the photos were taken by them. From the articles we can feel the force of community, the pleasure of co-operation, the pride of our results. Who takes this newspaper into hands can go back in time and see the life of the factory, what were the actual topics, who were the new colleagues, who left, what the others learnt, what family events happened, who visited us, what new purchase orders were received. There was a small but very interesting article: product recognition. From the numerous different small plastic products, it is difficult to tell what is it and who is the customer. We were initiated and nowadays also but in another way. This company newspaper was popular but we finished it in 2008, due to the economic crisis, a lot of work and continuous development of our company. A few copies and good memories remained.  

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