Molding for future challenges

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Molding for future challenges

Mold making activity has been present in our life from the first days. At the beginning we produced robotics parts to Germany, which brought export experience as well. Our EDM and milling machines were unique in the county, this is the reason why we received more sub-contracted tasks too. And the purchase orders of Bosch group made us develop our mold making activity. The making of the first injection molds and the production with them showed us what advantage mold making-injection molding and part assembly combination have.

We started the creation of mold making factory in 1995 and we finished it in 1996. We felt that that our operation is factory like but we were far away from the current performance. Nowadays mold making consists of the activities from mold planning to mold repair. With the help of 3D CAD/CAM planning we can provide higher flexibility to our customers, and we can guarantee the exact production start by inhouse production. We know that it matters. We have launched Maintenance Fast Track solution the help of which we can insert the immediate repair of injection molds, to keep the deadlines. Mold making has always had remarkable role and now it is also our strength.

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