Personal Digital Assistant

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Personal Digital Assistant

Thus, the PDA. Our fear, or rather former fear. We launched the integrated production management system in 2004 as an innovation so there was not too much experience from other Hungarian companies. An important part of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a little portable computer, PDA. It can handle great amount of data. Now we use the third generation, and it can be imagined what challenge was that time the reliable usage of this asset, when normal PC-s have just started to appear in homes. We had to learn, we had to understand the different steps, we had to take care of the exact data entry and this was challenge for all of our operators. It is true that this remains the most challenging task too.  

Our operation cannot be imagined without ERP, we could not meet the quality requirements without it and everybody understand it in the factory. The PDA became a useful help in our everyday life and now it is not a fear.

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