Quality, quality, quality

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Quality, quality, quality

We knew, we learnt and we felt that one of the most important condition of our development is to create and maintain guaranteed constant high quality. First, we thought that it refers only to production, but we soon realized that high quality work is required in international markets for the successful operation of the company.

Since a quality assurance system cannot say what and how to do because it rather records and helps maintain constancy. We bit off more than one can chew when we decided to launch quality assurance system.

Now we do not hide how hard, organizational work was needed to create a production and company management system, which enabled to get our first quality certificate in 1995 according to ISO 9002:1987 standard.

Today it is almost natural that we have certificate for all of our processes, but we still remember the excitement of the preparation for the first occasion.

The certificate is „only a paper” and preparation matters, but receiving the first certification has a more important element, the moment when we realized that we play in another team, we became a member of a professional society, who knows what they want to reach and can see the way to it.

We set a path, what we have not left and we go along this even if it is not smooth.

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