The beginning

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The beginning

The regime change was just happened in 1990, when from the friendship of the Hungarian Kresz family and the German Fiedler family a joint business evolved and Kresz&Fiedler Ltd. was founded. At the beginning there were only 5 colleagues, but 2 of them learnt the CNC machine handling and the western technology of injection mold making which were almost unknown in Hungary. With this knowledge and with one EDM and milling machine and taking the advantages of Hungarian-German joint venture Kresz&Fiedler Ltd. became one of the first in regional plastic industry. Mainly the robot parts were made to the German market in the forthcoming mold making factory.

Of course, the production was ongoing in the injection molding field and the company started to rapidly grow. The remarkable market growth of the first 4 years resulted fast growth in the number of the employees. The company leaders had to manage continuous extension. As a familial company it is still characterizes us that in the management everybody has clear role and responsibility, we consider well everything before making a decision. This habit was developed in this fast, uncertain, growing period.   

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