There was problem with the beer...

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There was problem with the beer...

České Budějovice is famous of its Budweiser beer, not really of its industry. This is the reason why we had problem with beer, because we could not taste it in 2004 when we were there. We delivered 30.000 pcs of plastic parts to this famous little Czech town. After using up the first thousand pieces our customer made a quality complaint. According to the complaint 3 pieces were broken. This damage might have happened during transportation, but we could not see it from Pécsvárad and we did not want the selection of the rest 23.000 pcs to be done by another company. 8 colleagues from our company went by car to the Czech customer to select the parts. We had to unpack, examine, repack and put them into boxes manually within 48 hours. We worked hard, we did not sleep, because we could not afford quality complaint. Finally, we could avoid the quality complaint, 8 pieces were broken out of 30.000 pcs. It has never turned out what caused the damage during transportation.

We had problem with the beer, because we were so tired that we did not feel like tasting it. It was worth going there because we were assured that our quality production did not change.   

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