To go all in!

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To go all in!

We remember to the 800 thousand euros investment as complex development, which changed our life and our company reached its present form. The development was more risky than usual, because we finished it in 2008 at the middle of the recession. We had a beautiful new factory, new automation and super IT and the crises started in October. Our owner and CEO, Mrs. Erika Kresz mobilized great energy both in herself and ourselves. She appeased us that we finished our development in the best time, and those can survive who can produce in the most efficient way and with best technology and provides the highest quality. Please do not forget our motto: Always be one step in front of the competitors. She was right.

In reality, we developed during the crisis, we had purchase orders, moreover we found new partners.

Meanwhile we had energy to make the surroundings of our company more beautiful. We organized family event for the garden works and we planted flowers.

For the success it was essential to believe in the force of our team and the success of co-operation.

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