We love assembly

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We love assembly

At that time, we assembled everything manually, but now we assemble by robot too, because our own-developed assembly automate helps our work. It was an exciting step to create an assembly unit in 1998. The fire alarm and alarm equipment purchase orders from Bosch Ottobrunn and Signalgeber promoted this decision, because the annual demand and production series were small, but it needed more human capacity with low level of automation. Thus, we needed the assembly unit and we fell in love with the idea and the department too.

Our philosophy always be in front of the competitors worked, but at that time we did not know that this decision would lead us to a long-term supplier partnership with Samsonite. We knew that quickly changing sectorial demand should be served flexibly and brave decision is needed if there is a chance to captivate new fields. These days full automation is not an aim either because human attention, knowledge and care are still important to us.

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